Sports Fishing in Turks and Caicos

Unlike deep sea fishing which takes place often several miles offshore ,sportsfishing usually takes place either inside of the outer reef or just outside the reef over “the wall ” at the start of the deep water off and which teems with wildlife .

Sportsfishing usually involves light tackle and fixed spool reels for greater fun And often involves trolling around the coral heads using lures or live bait , action tends to be fast and furious , with catches ranging from sailfish to mahe mahe , to barracuda , tuna and jack cravell This is highly recommended for families and those new to fishing .

The Remarkable “Wahoooooo!”

Your boat is the remarkable “wahoooooo!” a 42ft high speed performance boat powered by almost 700 hp triple engines.¬†This is a large vessel and highly flexible,not only fully equipped for fishing with the latest equipment but also capable of beaching on the small islands should you wish to BBQ your fish or take a swim in our gorgeous crystal clear turquoise waters .

October sees the arrival of the amazing Sailfish, the beautiful acrobats are everyones ideal sportsfish , caught relatively close to shore they provide a wonderful spectacle as they leap and tailwalk trying to throw the hook and the angler is equally as frantic trying to control them on light spinning tackle.

Tomorrows Fanatical Anglers…

Tomorrows fanatical anglers are todays youngsters who get their first taste of real fighting fish, its a wonderful way to introduce youngsters to an exciting lifelong sport.

Cero mackerel, similar to the Spanish mackerel and kingfish but much harder fighters especially on light tackle, great introduction to predator fishing and a memorable first fish.


Tuna are plentiful around our shores…

Tuna are plentiful around our shores and on light tackle provide an amazing fight; often multiple cause chaos as tuna burst the surface in feeding frenzies. Skipjack tuna are plentiful and frequently caught when sports fishing in the Turks islands.

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