Baked Mutton snapper served on a bed of rice


1 x mutton snapper per 2 people
Fresh Ginger
Lemon grass
Coriander ( cilantro)
Glass of wine

Choice of Rice


Drink the glass of wine!
Clean and carefully descale the fish removing all fins and spines.
Rinse and insert into all cavities (inc mouth) thick slices of fresh ginger Into the belly cavity , pack with banana , fresh coriander , ginger and lemongrass.(note these are to add flavour and to keep moist during baking) Totally coat the skin with salt (this will make the skin tough and easy to remove and also Make the flesh firm but will not flavour the meat)

Wrap in aluminium foil
img 3
Place in hot oven 450 deg for 30 mins (15 mins each side). Open the foil completely and leave exposed to crisp.


Allow to rest
Remove the salt layer and skin
image 4
Place over bed of rice and share.
image 5