Shark Hache (thanks to Capt. Kermaine for this one) serves 6 large portions

This is substantial dish , delicately flavoured and ideal as a casserole or a soup or serve with rice as a main course.

Accompanying drink. Light white wine or lager beer. (avoid string flavours)

As with all of my recipes pour a large glass of wine drink it and allow your creativity to flow.


A shark fillet of approx 3 lbs ( please don’t use hammerhead; mako or certainly not white pointer( great white)

1 can Coconut milk
1 can sweet corn
Spices of your choice
White wine
Garlic ( min 3 large cloves )

Warning the shark contains ammonia and may smell a little prior to cooking.

To neutralise the ammonia, place the fillet in a deep dish and cover with milk.
Note use a small dish because you will throw away the milk. But the filet must be fully covered. Soak for as long as possible minimum 30 mins ideally several hours.

Peel chop and dice all vegetables and boil until semi cooked.

Pour away the milk and your fillet should look slightly bleached.

Cut the vegetables into good sized chunks except for the garlic cloves and the onion.
Put into a pan and bring to boil then turn to simmer. Vegetables should be partially boiled only. No problem if they are allowed to go cold whilst preparing the fillet.

Place the fillet into a large casserole dish . Pour a full can of coconut milk ( cream not water ).
Crush and chop one of the garlic cloves . Peel the other two cloves and put them all into the casserole.

Put the rice into a dish cover with water and boil until soft.

Bring the pan to boil then down to simmer.

After approx 30 mins the fillet should be ready . To test try to pull the flesh apart with two forks. If it is tough, continue to cook on medium until the flesh pulls apart easily.

Pull the fillet into approx 1 ” cubes.

Strain the vegetables and introduce them into the fillet casserole.

Continue to simmer for 15 mins.(a glass of white wine may be added at this stage to suit your taste)

Serve with white rice or pasta shapes.

Tip if you add 3 or 4 spoonsful of BOILED rice your dish becomes a substantial and filling casserole on its own. However it can still be served with a portion of rice to serve more people.