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How “El Nina” can effect your catch, catching Summer fish in Winter, and vice versa!

As last Summer, Fall, Winter and now Spring have shown us, the “El Niña effect” plays dramatic games with nature. El Niña is the term given to temporary natural changes in ocean currents. Baitfish follow these ocean currents and larger predators follow the schools of baitfish. The end result is we are frequently surprised by catching Summer fish in Winter, and vice versa.

However in May and June, the Marlin season will be well underway. Blue Marlin* are everyone’s dream big game fish ever since Hemingway wrote “The Old Man of the Sea”. Fishing tackle today has advanced enormously but the quarry is unchanged, these enormous monsters never stop swimming and once hooked will fight, leap and dive like no other fish. It is regarded as the ultimate big game fish and the memory of such a catch will outlast even the photos.

Marlin can usually be found in pursuit of another great species , the Tuna! May and June will see them around in abundance, blackfin, big eye, skipjack, albacore and the mighty Yellowfin. These magnificent beasts crash the surface in a feeding frenzy and frequently five or more lines will go off together causing chaos, panic and excitement. They are extreme fighters irrespective of size and provide a delicious end to a hard days fishing.

Swimming below the baitfish, tuna and marlin of course come the oceanic sharks. Big Bulls and Tiger shark feed upon stragglers, infirm or old tuna and of course those hooked on our lines, so getting your tuna to the boat before a shark takes it becomes a real challenge.

For fishing that is still exciting but a little less strenuous, try sports fishing along the calm waters outer reef. Here we can troll for barracuda, tuna, horse eye jack, kingfish and cero mackerel as well as grouper and snapper. Using lighter line and rods you will be amazed at how exciting one of these action-packed street fighters can be. Action is plentiful and a wonderful introduction for children, novices and experienced anglers alike.

Shark* fishing too is a great experience that every child should try. It is a great way to gain respect for the species and a wonderful tale for first day back at school.

You may even prefer to fish the inner reef in the calm shallow crystal clear waters either by trolling or bottom fishing around the coral heads.

Nothing tastes better than freshly caught yellowtail snapper cooked on an open fire on your own desert island!

No matter what type of fishing you choose here in Turks and Caicos, you will be guaranteed a great time.

Tight lines, and have a great vacation.

* All billfish and shark are on a catch and release basis only.