Nicknamed the Sea Wolf, Barracuda are common both offshore and on the inshore reefs and grow much larger than those found in USA waters.

Voracious, aggressive feeders, specimens up to 50lbs are frequently caught. They provide spectacular sport as they smash a lure or take bait and leap and run at high speed once hooked.

Pacific barracuda are easily recognized by their long, silvery bodies, widely spaced dorsal fins and a mouth full of sharp, pointed teeth. Pacific barracuda do not reach the large sizes of their relative, the great barracuda but are spirited fighters in their own right.


They are found from Central America to as far north as Alaska during extreme warm water episodes. However, they are generally rare north of Point Conception, California. Like other barracudas, they are highly active piscivores that consume a variety of smaller fish species. They are typically found near shore in small groups and often around reefs, kelp and other structure.

This Species although is edible is not recommended eating.In particular, pregnant women and young children should avoid eating this species. Barracuda carry a toxin in their flesh which could cause a reaction when eating that could cause lasting affects.


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