Blue Marlin

Turks & Caicos Islands’ blue marlin are caught in a wide range of sizes which s opportunities for light tackle and fly fisherman. From the full moon of May to the full moon of September blue marlin are practically guaranteed in the calm waters off Provo, Turks & Caicos Islands.

Please Note: All Billfish and Sharks are Strictly Catch and Release!

blue marlin height=”217″ width=”320″> A powerful, aggressive fighter, they run hard and long, sound deep, and leap high into the air in a seemingly inexhaustible display of strength. Fishing methods include trolling large whole baits such as bonito, dolphin, mullet, mackerel, bonefish, ballyhoo, flying fish and squid as well as various types of artificial lures and sometimes strip baits.

They are known to feed on squid and pelagic fishes, including blackfin tuna and frigate mackerel. 

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