Lobster with chips ( thick cut fries ) with garlic aioili and rosemary salt

4 medium sized lobster
Duck fat / or Olive oil
1 lb small potatoes cut into thick chips with skin on

For garlic aioili-

4 tbsp good quality mayonaise
1 tbsp creme fraiche
2 peeled and grated cloves of garlic
1 lemon zest and juice
1 tbsp tarragon ( finely chopped )

Rosemary salt-

2 tbsp fine sea salt
I tbsp fresh rosemary

Boil large pan of water and add the lobster for 8 mins, refresh in iced water and place in fridge Fry the thick cut chips in duck fat for 8 mins until soft and cooked through (then set aside)

Whisk all of the aioili ingredients together adding seasoning to taste

Add rosemary and salt to food processor until fine and light green in colour

Now prep the Lobsters, using large knife split (butterfly*) the lobster into halves and clean, rinse under cold water Place shell down onto the BBQ and cover with butter (4 mins) Place the chips back onto high heat for a further 8 mins or until golden brown.



Serve the lobster with the chips and a large spoonful of aioili

* to butterfly cut through the hard shell but not completely through the soft shell on the underbelly , this allows the 2 halves of the lobster to open but remain attached