Mahi Mahi Roe

Most people dispose of the roe inside of Mahi Mahi , Tuna and wahoo however sauted lightly in butter it makes a nutritious dish packed with protein and fish oils ( omega 3 ). IMG_3779
Its so much more satisfying to think that the millions of eggs inside the belly of a Mahi cow wont go totally to waste, so try this great captains breakfast.

Fish roe
Hot sauce
Garlic segment

IMG_3783Use a non stick frying pan and add a knob of butter , bring to a high heat and add the garlic segment ( still in its skin ). Add grated or sliced ginger to taste .
Add the fish roe and flash cook the outer to seal and bring to colour . Remove pan from heat , do not leave at high temperature or the roe sack will split.

Turn heat down to medium temp and put lid on pan to allow the centre to cook more slowly.

Cook until gently cooked through ( even a large roe will be maximum 4 mins each side ), squeeze lemon over the roe whilst still in the pan .

Serve with sliced mango , chopped watercress and red peppers

Add hot sauce or English mustard to taste.

Enjoy it makes a substantial and healthy meal in less than 10 minutes