Smoked Fish

Choose a good fillet of fish (oily fish is best such as mackerel, mullet or wahoo)

Prepare a marinade by mixing (numbers are tablespoons)

Olive oil 2
Soy sauce 1
White wine vinegar 2
2 garlic cloves
Ground black pepper
Parsley chopped
White wine optional 4
Chopped spring onion

Finely chop all items (or crush)
Mix well and pour into zip lock bag together with the fillets.
Mix and ensure the fillets are totally covered then leave in fridge for 30 mins to 2 hrs.

Remove the fillets and place in smoker.

Smoke for 2 hrs and serve hot or cold

Smoked fish spread
Using the smoked fish add
Hellmans mayonnaise 4
Chopped spring onions
Lemon juice 1/2
1/2 spoon of English mustard.