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Inner Reef Fishing & Beach Drop-offs

Inner Reef Fishing & Beach Drop-offs/Island Hopping.

Reef (bottom) fishing in Turks and Caicos is a wonderful way to enjoy a day at sea for the whole family. After a 30 minute trip across our nature reserve and gorgeous turquoise shallows we arrive at the inner reef where coral heads teem with all types and sizes of stunning tropical fish.

Schools of 2000 Fish…

Unlike the bonefish of our neighbouring Bahamas These fish have not been heavily fished for and therefore are far less timid than in other parts of the world. Bonefish of 12 lbs to15 lbs are also commonplace.

Island Solitude Is Waiting.

Do You Prefer A Bit Of Solitude?

Many people prefer the solitude of flat fishing/fly fishing on their own and with some guidance on location. Either way, we can provide the ideal option for you. Bonefish enter the islands lagoons and salt flats daily so, many people like to merely rent the rods and tackle and to drive to the flats on the south side of the island. Whatever your choice give Brad a call and he can help organize the best trip to suit your needs.

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