Sport Fishing

It’s the hottest time of the year on the islands, and the fishing couldn’t be better. So take a day to cool off on the water – there’s plenty of great sport to be had.

Offshore the ‘big guys’ like marlin and yellowfin tuna are enjoying the clear, warm waters. And at this time of year where there are tuna, there are sharks. People travel the globe in search of these kings of the oceans and to hook one is an exhilarating experience.
Marlin here average 250 to 360lbs, but specimens up to 500lbs are also caught. We guarantee you’ll never forget it!

Inshore & outer reef bottom fishing
You’ll find snapper, grouper, parrot fish, trigger fish and yellow tails. There are smaller predators too – cero mackerel, king fish, jacks, barracuda and reef sharks. Ideal for young children.

Sports fishing
The boat trolls – drifting slowly, pulling lures and bait – using live bait. The fish you’ll catch include barracuda, horse eye jacks, mahi mahi, cero, wahoo, tuna and sailfish.
Using light tackle, it’s great fishing for novices and experienced fishermen alike.

Deep sea fishing
Fishing for big game will take you offshore where the waters fall to 8000ft. We search for fish that travel thousands of miles every year. Tackle is heavy-duty to suit the fish size, but also so that we can get the fish to the boat before they are attacked by sharks!
Fish weighing over 100lbs will require use of our ‘fighting chair’. This fishing can often involve long periods of inactivity. On the other hand, a school of tuna will frequently hit every line at once.

Drift fishing
Using light or heavy tackle, the boats are in deep water away from the shore, and drift with current and tide.

Deep drop
This is bottom fishing, but in water so deep that a 10lb weight takes ten minutes to hit the bottom – but don’t worry, we have fully automatic electric reels to save hauling a 40lb fish to the surface.

Flats fishing
This takes place on the south side flats where you can catch the elusive bonefish, permit and jacks. We use a small craft with very light spinning rods or fly fishing.

Whatever you choose, why not combine some snorkelling afterwards, or maybe an island barbecue? Call into our office and I’ll plan a perfect day for you!