Summer Fishing

andyandkateCongratulations! You have arrived in one of the finest big game fishing destinations in the world, at the same time as the prestigious blue marlin are running.Blue marlin are renowned for their spectacular strikes and fighting ability – the dream catch of every fisherman.
Catching these monsters of the deep is a team effort and your crew will guide you through the process. Many novices have joined our “first fish club” with a 200+ lb blue.
For some reason we can’t explain, newlyweds seem disproportionately successful. Methods and equipment have come a long way since Earnest Hemingway the old Man and the sea, but skill, strength alongside the boat.
We release billfish, to preserve future fish stocks, immediately after that famous photo, and before you collapse into the chair, cold beer in trembling hands, to relive the memory.

Marlin feed on tuna and their arrival coincides with the arrival of large schools of yellowfin, blackfin and big eye tuna from late May onwards. Deep sea fishing involves trolling. Long periods of inaction are followed by chaos, when a school of tuna burst the surface in a feeding frenzy and up to seven reels scream. The crew work hard to prevent the lines tangling, as the guests struggle to get their fish back to the boat. Sometimes a large tiger or bull shark takes its share.

Unlike marlin, which “greyhound” across the surface, tuna dive deep. raising these fish is hard work but when your beast is finally hauled into the boat, the feeling of elation is unparalleled. Enough fish to feed your party for a week,special photos and an amazing life experience.sportfishing, (near shore as opposed to offshore),offers good action as we troll close to the reef. We are likely to catch barracuda,wahoo, kingfish, mackerel,grouper and an occasional mahi mahi.

On light tackle they provide great action. Reef fishing means lots of bites as the boat lies at anchor above our coralreefs. Expect to catch grouper, snapper, triggerfish and mackerel. It’s great fun for the entire family and provides a tasty fish medley for dinner.

Have a great vacation and tight lines! PS the wahoo shown above won Katie and Andy the prize for the biggest fish in the recent Wine Cellar tournament. Caught from our boat “The Gwendolyn.”l