Highlight of our trip!

Kurt S
11 June 2015

We went what is considered to be off season on the island (June) but as far as fishing that just means they fish in deeper waters. We had 5 of us and to us it is worth the investment to go on Gwendolyn as a private party. We had Courtney (Eagles fan) as our captain and Mario (Dolphins fan) handling the fishing related assistance, These guys have been together for 10 + years and know what they are doing. It was very calm in the morning and we all had to be patient, but once the fish started biting it was a crazy last 60 minutes. At one point, we had 3 fish on 3 lines. At the end of the day we ended up with 7 5-6 pound tuna which is more than we would ever need. We gave the crew 3 and tipped them well and took the rest with us to be cooked at the hotel. They cleaned our fish and cut them into beautiful filets to be cooked. We had blackend and grilled tuna in the afternoon and tar tar brought to us as an appetizer at dinner. The pictures that we got of this event will end up on our wall at home. It was the highlight of our first trip to the island and there are a lot of great things to do there.