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The Fleet

The Gwendolyn

The Gwendolyn is the most famous charter boat on the island and a fishing legend not only in Turks and Caicos but also in her original home of Puerto Rico.

She is a 45 ft Hatteras sports yacht and provides total comfort for up to 10 people. Inside she is equipped with bathroom, spacious salon, 2 cabins and a galley ( kitchen ). At 63000 lbs she provides a smooth ride in all but the roughest conditions .

The Gwendolyn is unique in Turks and Caicos island fishing boats in providing shaded spectator seating on the fighting deck, shade is essential at sea as to much sun can spoil the day.
Fighting deck includes unlimited weight fighting chair, essential for big-game fish and long fights as well as providing seating for 6 passengers and a wonderful viewpoint for spectators
The Gwendolyn also features a tuna door which provides easier access for boating large fish. The Gwendolyn also holds the all class Caribbean record for wahoo (138lbs).

The Wahoooo

The wahoo is the fastest fish in the sea and our “Wahooooo!” is the fastest boat in the Turks islands. At 42 ft she is a big boat and cuts through waves smoothly for a comfortable ride even at high speed.

Our Wahoo boat, although licensed to carry 20 passengers we recommend 15 max for optional comfort. Wahooooo! Has a double skinned hull which provides weight in the bow for wave cutting and beaching on remote islands.

Solid bow ladder allows dry entry directly from the beach
The weight length and shape of wahoooo! Provides an ideal boat for both trolling at speed or bottom fishing at anchor , easy access to and from the water also provides an ideal snorkeling or dive boat or merely cruising at sunset.

Fishing , she is equipped with fish and depth finders, fish boxes and live wells together with outriggers and runs up to 8 lines when trolling.

Remember “If you wanna go faster just shout Wahoooooo! ”

Tech Specs:
Made by Performance Boats LLC USA.
Power 700HP ( 2x350HP Yamaha 4 stroke)
Beam 8 ft Cabin with head ( toilet )
Cruise Speed 45 knots.
passenger seating 15 Plus cabin.

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The Tuna-In

Our Newest Vessel!!!

The latest addition to our fleet – welcome to Tuna-In.

Tuna-In is our newest vessel, a 252 Mako Centre Console, Powered with Twin 150HP Honda outboards. She holds up to 10 passengers, but we hold the max of 8 persons. This vessel is used for inner reef fishing,bottom fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and beach picnics.

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