What happened to 2015?

Time passed so quickly; it’s been such an eventful year. Grand Slam won biggest fish on both days of the 2nd annual Wine Cellar Golf and Fishing tournament this year, (the largest being 103lbs,) and we took second place overall, bringing home a welcome $6000 prize for the guests.

Now the winter season is upon us, with the arrival of sailfish, white marlin, mahi mahi and wahoo. That doesn’t mean you won’t catch a blue. It’s a great time of year, as any of these wondrous fish can strike. Of course the oceanic sharks are always around to grab their share, so if you want to fight a tiger, now is a good time. We practice ‘catch and release’ with all sharks and billfish, to help maintain a sustainable sport.

We are also excited to introduce our new offshore express boat, Game Plan, this season, and two new styles of fishing. Sword fishing and also night fishing have been added to our ‘menu.’
Sports fishing is always exciting, with prolific action from barracuda, cero mackerel, kingfish, amberjack and horse-eye jacks. We fish waters from as shallow as 500ft to depths of 6000 ft. Winter game fish frequent the waters close to shore and they roam the dramatic coral wall, which plummets to the ocean floor. The wall is just twenty minutes from the dock.

Offshore reef fishing also puts some wonderful meals on our guests’ plates, with abundant catches of red, gray and mutton snapper, yellowtails, nassau and strawberry groupers and numerous others. We recommend a full day charter to allow us time to reach less fished reefs.

My best tip for booking your trip is to decide beforehand what kind of fishing you’d enjoy, and discuss it with your charter company when you book the trip. Better still, meet us at the dock when the boats return at midday or at about 5pm. don’t wait until the day you go out.

The Turks and Caicos Islands offer truly world class fishing. Make the most of your vacation; come and join us on the water.