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Grand Slam Fishing Charters has been in business for over 20 years. We have a track record of delivering amazing, epic fishing charter experiences for our clients. We also place a premium on the strictest safety protocols.

Grand Slam Fishing Charters currently has a four-vessel fleet:

  • Angler Management – This 48-foot Ocean Super Sport Express Deep Sea fishing ship is big enough for the largest hauls! Capacity is 10 passengers.
  • Wahooters a 43-foot Bertram Open Express allows you to enjoy air-conditioned comfort while at the helm! Capacity is 10 passengers.
  • Serendipity – This 38’ Intrepid 377 Walkaround, powered by triple Suzuki 250’s and featuring a Kevlar hull for speed and durability, can handle both fishing and snorkeling charters. Capacity is 12 passengers.
  • Shady Grady Perfect for smaller groups, this 31-foot Grady White Canyon 306 is perfect for reef or bottom fishing. Capacity is 6 passengers.

Some fishing charter companies try to make do with smaller 15-foot vessels to save money and fuel. 

But their little ships can’t safely handle rough waters. With our fleet, you’ll have a fun, exciting adventure, and you’ll be comfortable and safe the entire time. 


Grand Slam Fishing Charters understands what makes a fishing charter vacation special on the Turks and Caicos Islands: 

  • An emphasis on safety and comfort
  • State-of-the-art vessels built to handle these waters
  • A warm, professional, and accommodating crew 

Because we are a family-owned and operated business, we’re very careful who we bring into our close-knit group.

Our crew is experienced, highly skilled, and helpful. Grand Slam Fishing Charters is very strict about our training and certifications. You can read about them HERE

Our charters are professional yet entertaining. We also cater to both pros and beginners. We’re happy to help inexperienced fishers ‘learn the ropes,’ even the youngest anglers!



Capt Pete

Capt Joseph Musgrove

Guest Manager Tatiana Cleare

Capt Warvy

Mate Neko

Capt Jeffrey

Jerverno “ Island Joe” Lightbourne

Capt Patricia Hardwick

Capt Blaze

Captain Brad Roy 

Operations Manager

Originally from Windsor, Ontario, Brad started his mechanical journey at a young age in the military as mechanic.

Brad perfected his fishing skills on the northern lakes in Ontario as well as Lake St Clair & Lake Erie.

Then returning to Windsor he became a Tool and Die maker. Unhappy with indoor work, Brad then graduated to heavy-duty tow truck towing, which only added to his strong dislike of cold winters.

After he got married, he moved down to Turks and Caicos to enjoy the warm weather and beautiful scenery. He quickly fell in love with fishing in the area and has been here for nearly 10 years. As a licensed Captain and Scuba Instructor, Brad is extremely knowledgeable about:

  • Fishing & Fishing Equipment
  • Boats
  • Diesel engines
  • Wiring
  • And much more 

He knows where the best “hiding spots” are in these waters, and has plenty of tricks to help you catch the elusive big fish like Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and Tuna.

When he’s not out on the water, he operates a fishing supply business.

Joseph Musgrove


Born in Bahamas and raised in Turks and Caicos Islands, Capt. Joseph is only 24 years old. He may be young, but we call him “Fish Whisper” because of his almost “psychic” ability to find the best fishing spots.

Joseph loves to find fish, fish, then to clean the fish. He simply dreams about fish. And when he is relaxing, he likes to sit back with a cold one and tell stories about fish.

Joseph has been fishing these waters since he was a young boy, learning his craft from other island experts, and has earned the respect of the “old guys” as one of the best fishermen around. He’s on the water more than he’s on land! When Joseph is not fishing, he is thinking about fishing , where they might be  and telling fish stories. I think he dreams about fishing too. For Joseph it is ALL about the FISH !

Jerverno “Joe” Lightbourne


Jeverno Lightbourne, also known as “Joe” was born in Miami back in 1983, his parents came from the Big South  (South Caicos Island) . He soon returned to Grand Turk where he was raised by his aunt and uncle.

He relocated to the USA at the age of 4 but returned to the Turks and Caicos Islands for the summers to learn fishing skills from Uncle Dutch, who introduced him to the fishing life at the age of 7.

Joe permanently returned to the Islands in 2013 and found his calling in fishing when he worked for another Uncle. He learned how to put smiles on the faces of his guests and the history of the islands. He made the move to Grand Slam after his Uncle sold his business.  On his free time he loves spending time with his daughter, son and step son and his wife.

Gervego “Warvy” Delancy  


Warvy is Captain of our newest ship, Wahooters. He has been on the water his entire life and knows the waters and where the fish hide. This gives you the edge on getting a good haul if Warvy is your Captain!

He enjoys helping guests “get on the hook,” which is fishing terms for catching fish! He catches Marlin and Tuna all the time and has a “sixth sense” of their behaviors and habits.

After a great catch Warvy would indulge in a game of dominoes just to wind down from a day out on the waves.

Jeffery Louis


Jeffery or should I say Jefe was born and raised in Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands.

He always had a passion to become a captain, to be on the water but never had the knowledge to do so. He worked in a restaurant. After a short period of time, he resigned to pursue his passion to the fish.

He soon joined the Grand Slam Charter family based on our excellent reputation. He has been with the company for almost 2 years now. He recently completed the DECR (Department of the Environment and Coastal Resources) testing and safety courses. Jeffery is also our maintenance man in training.

He continues to show a keen interest in how things work and how to make everything he comes in contact with. He is on his journey to becoming a captain.

Jeffery recently became a Captain, having fulfilled all the training requirements and is now responsible for the operations aboard Shady Grady.

Pieter DeJonge 


Pieter was born in Hamilton, Ontario as the grandson of an ocean captain in the Netherlands. Saltwater is in his blood!

Because he didn’t live close to water, he took up farming as an adult. Since he filled his leisure time by being on the water as much as possible, he decided to take his passion further. He passed the Canadian Power Squadron course and obtained his Boating License.

Upon retirement, Pieter purchased Grand Slam Charters to stay busy. He loves being on the water and occasionally tags along to serve as an extra mate on the charters. He divides his time between Canada and the Turks and Caicos Islands. He loves the waters of Turks and Caicos so much he wants everyone to be able to enjoy and experience the waters. Fishing is the best way to do it.

Dutch thriftiness and cleanliness are in his blood, so he runs a tight ship. His primary goal is making sure the boats are tidy and the crew punctual. You and your group will get the most time on the sea and be well fed, too!

Runeko “Neko” Durham 


Runeko also known as Neko was born and raised in the Capital, Grand Turk. The newest member to the team and also the funniest. He knows how to keep you entertained and he’ll keep your drinks flowing. Most of all he is like fish bait, always attracting the fish.

He is eager to show you a good time aboard Angler Management or Wahooters. He is very amusing and has endless comedic lines to keep you laughing. He knows how to keep you entertained.

During his free time, he enjoys skating and playing basketball.


We believe in keeping Turks & Caicos Islands a rich and beautiful place for generations to come. Some of our values include (but are not limited to):

  • Don’t overfish
  • Leave fish for others
  • No shark fishing
  • No fishing for the endangered Nassau Grouper (catch & release only)
  • Catch and release of any billfish
  • No more plastic bags
  • No plastic straws
  • No more plastic water bottles (We have switched to completely recyclable paper water containers made from completely compostable materials.)
  • We collect all recyclables
  • Our clothing comes from sustainable and eco-friendly sources
  • We’ve joined the fight against the Long-Liners
  • We dedicate a crew to participate in beach clean-up days.


Your next family adventure awaits! Get more about our charters by clicking the “Learn More” buttons below: