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Reef (Bottom) Fishing

Reef(Bottom) Fishing in Turks and Caicos

“Green Water” Reef (bottom) fishing in Turks and Caicos is a wonderful way to enjoy a day at sea for the whole family. After a 30 minute trip across our nature reserve and gorgeous turquoise shallows we arrive at the inner reef where coral heads teem with all types and sizes of stunning tropical fish .

The Wahooooo – Designed For Ultra Smooth Ride At High Speed!

The Wahooooo can Accommodate 12 Passengers Plus Her Crew of 2! For those new to fishing, this is a great way to experience the excitement of your first catch, the action is fast and frequent and almost every fish is a different species, most are beautifully coloured and a wonderful first-hand experience for youngsters to encounter at close quarters the wonders of nature. If you are fishing for dinner you won’t be disappointed, these waters teem with snapper; grouper, yellowtail, cero and numerous other panfish.

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Even Movie Stars Love Red Snapper For Lunch!

The coral heads are also paraded by other predators too and it is common to hook a snapper only to see it snatched by a barracuda just feet from the boat , you are then into a whole new fish fight.

See Beautiful Tropical Fish At Close Quarters…

For a relaxed entertaining and wonderful family experience we thoroughly recommend a day reef fishing , even those who don’t want to fish can enjoy watching or sipping a cocktail as they sunbathe on the bow of the boat.

Let your skipper know early and he can even take you afterwards to a deserted island to barbecue your fish and meet some of the local wild life if your lucky!

New for 2019 – Introducing “Tuna-In”

New for 2019 , For smaller parties “Tuna-In” provides a solid comfortable ,stable and well equipped boat for reef fishing or combination days.

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