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Quick Details

  • Also available for Group Charter if consensus is reached
Half-Day Charter 4 hours
3/4-Day Charter 6 hours
Full-Day Charter 8 hours

Enjoy Incredible Reef Fishing in Turks and Caicos!

Come aboard and enjoy your day on one of the most famous fishing charter vessels in Turks And Caicos! Our newest addition, the Serendipity, now joins the renowned Shady Grady in offering unforgettable fishing experiences.

“Green water” reef (bottom) fishing in Turks and Caicos is a wonderful way to enjoy a day at sea for the whole family. After a 30-minute trip across our nature reserve and gorgeous turquoise shallows, we arrive at the inner reef where coral heads teem with all types and sizes of stunning tropical fish.

The coral heads are also paraded by other predators too, and it is common to hook a snapper only to see it snatched by a barracuda just feet from the boat; you are then into a whole new fish fight.

Outer reef fishing is perfect for our Shady Grady boat. The Shady Grady can accommodate 6 passengers plus her crew of two! For those new to fishing, this is a great way to experience the excitement of your first catch; the action is fast and frequent and almost every fish is a different species. Most are beautifully colored and a wonderful first-hand experience for youngsters to encounter the wonders of nature. If you are fishing for dinner you won’t be disappointed; these waters teem with snapper, grouper, yellowtail, cero, and numerous other panfish.

Depending on location, this takes place outside the reef trolling or at anchor inside of the barrier reef or on the reef on numerous coral heads catching grouper, snapper, cero, barracuda, triggerfish, grunts, hogfish, and a myriad of other tropical fishing species. We only use the Shady Grady for this type of fishing. And now, with the addition of the Serendipity, we offer reef fishing charters as well, expanding your options for an unforgettable fishing experience in the pristine waters of Turks And Caicos. Serendipity can handle up to 12 people, making it an excellent choice for larger groups looking to explore the reefs and catch some incredible fish.


What’s Included

  • All fishing gear, bait, light snacks
  • Drinks (water, soda, light beer)
  • Snorkeling gear, beach gear
  • Catered lunch on ¾ day and Full day charters ( upgrade available)

What to Bring

  • Personal bathing suit if you want to swim/jump in. There is a bathroom where one can change.
  • Sun protection – hat , SPF lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Shirt/Coverup
  • Towel
  • Gravol if you have a sensitivity to motion



For parties 6 persons and smaller, the “Shady Grady” provides a solid, comfortable and well-equipped boat for reef and bottom fishing or combination days. Shady Grady is a 31’ Grady White Canyon 306 Model with a great stereo system, comfortable seating, bathroom, shaded seating. Powered by twin 250HP Yamaha, this extremely reliable boat can hop over to the islands or to the reef to make your day special.


Perfectly suited for our snorkeling and fishing charters alike, this vessel boasts a range of features that cater to both enthusiasts and novices for up to 12 passengers per trip. With a custom aft sunshade providing relief from the sun and a removable aft bench for added versatility, every aspect of the experience has been carefully considered. Snorkeling, cruising , and fishing. Yes, you can have it all ! Sunpads on the bow for relaxing in the sun for those perfect photos, while the rest of your group dives for lobster or conch ! Perfect combo!