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a group of people on a boat in the water

A deep sea fishing charter is one of the most incredible fishing experiences you can have on the open water. When deep sea fishing, you get the opportunity to catch fish you normally don’t see. What is considered “deep sea” you may wonder? Anything over 90 feet is considered deep sea. You may also wonder if deep sea fishing is difficult. While generally, you need to know more about fishing to successfully deep sea fish, novice fishers do just fine! The success will come down to the experience and willingness of the captain and crew. Our Turks and Caicos deep sea fishing private charters allows you the chance to reel in some bragworthy catches with our trained and passionate crew. Speaking of crew… meet our captain Joseph Musgrove (shown below).

Born in Bahamas and raised in Turks and Caicos Islands, Captain Joseph is only 25 years old. He may be young, but we call him “Fish Whisper” because of his almost “psychic” ability to find the best fishing spots. Joseph loves to find fish, fish, then to clean the fish. He simply dreams about fish. And when he is relaxing, he likes to sit back with a cold one and tell stories about fish. Joseph has been fishing these waters since he was a young boy, learning his craft from other island experts, and has earned the respect of the “old guys” as one of the best fishermen around. He’s on the water more than he’s on land! This year Capt. Joseph and his mate Joe is in the lead on the island for the most Marlin hookups aboard Angler Management! He’s obviously doing something right. Come join Captain Joseph and the rest of our fun crew for a full day private Turks and Caicos deep sea fishing charter!

Hotel Pick Up & Check In

If you chose our company pickup and return service add-on option, our team will pick you up at your accommodations in our clean, comfortable, air-conditioned vehicle and drive you to the pier. Our team will work efficiently in getting you checked in for your excursion and ensure we have all of the members in your party. Keep in mind, if weather and sea conditions are not favorable for our Turks and Caicos deep sea fishing charters, we will communicate with you ASAP if we need to reschedule or cancel. Once we get your group all checked in, we will be ready for boarding!

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All Aboard!

Based on the size of your private group, you will be assigned to one of our 3 boats in the fleet. The Angler Management is our largest vessel (measuring 48’) and holds up to 10 passengers. Wahooters is a 43’ Bertram Open Express vessel that includes top of the line fishing gear and holds up to 8 passengers. The Shady Grady provides a solid, comfortable, and well-equipped boat for reef and bottom fishing. It can hold up to 6 passengers. Please note, all of the vessels in our fleet are fully air-conditioned for your comfort. We understand it can be hot and tiring out on the water all day, so we also offer staterooms onboard (Angler Management and Wahooters) if you needed to lay down or change clothes. We also have clean bathrooms. There is plenty of room for your party to spread out and really fish. Additionally, we have all of the proper equipment and gear to ensure as much successfor you as possible including the rods and tackle.

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Don’t forget to bring your:

  • Personal bathing if you want to swim/jump in
  • Sun protection – hat & SPF sunscreen (should be reef safe)
  • Sunglasses
  • Shirt/Coverup
  • Clothing suitable for fishing
  • Towel
  • Gravol if you have a sensitivity to motion

a man that is standing in the water

Gone Fishin’

Now we have left the dock in Turtle Cove Marina, Grace Bay, and headed for the open water to catch some fish. You have come to the right place! Turks and Caicos offers exceptional fishing opportunities throughout the year! Voted world’s best for marlin, yellowfin tuna, mahi mahi, and monster wahoo, all just two miles off the world’s best beach. In summer we catch blue marlin, yellowfin, blackfin, bigeye, skipjack, albacore tuna, and mahi mahi. In winter we catch BIG wahoo, white marlin, sailfish, blackfin, and bigeye tuna, plus barracuda. We have 7,000-foot depths just 20 minutes from the marina and so “lines in” within 30 minutes. We troll up to 10 lines across a 40-foot spread. An all-weight fighting chair and tuna door assist in hauling aboard a large catch. Did we mention that our retired vessel Gwendolyn holds the Caribbean all-class record for wahoo? Check out our handy dandy chart to see which months provide a higher likelihood of catching certain fish. 

a person holding a fish in the water

Let’s Eat

If you book your private 3/4 or full day Turks and Caicos deep sea fishing charter with us, lunch will be provided for you. In addition to light snacks and water, we also offer soda and light beer as refreshments. 

a box filled with different types of food on a plate

More Fishin’

After lunch, we will continue to head to the sweet spots to ensure the best success for earning your trophy catches. Remember, our crew is always happy to take photos of your family so you’ll have these memories long after we disembark back in Provo. 

Returning to Provo

After a long day out in the sun, it’s time to return back to Provo. It’s time to hold your catch proudly – you worked hard for it! We truly hope you enjoyed your time with us, and hope we can meet you on one of our upcoming private Turks and Caicos deep sea fishing excursions.

a large body of water