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Heading to Turks and Caicos for an exciting vacation? It would be a missed opportunity to journey out here to Provo without taking advantage of the ideal locations for snorkeling. You’ll find the best snorkeling spots in Turks and Caicos just a quick boat ride from Turtle Cove Marina. Sightings can include spotted eagle rays, horse-eye jacks, parrotfish, sea turtles, and more. Our private snorkeling charters visit the best snorkeling spots in Turks and Caicos. Here are our absolute favorites!

Bight Reef

Bight Reef, also known as Coral Gardens, is located a few feet off Grace Bay Beach, in front of the Coral House Resort. It’s an easy walk for guests staying at Beaches, Windsong, or The Beach House. This is a great place for beginners to get a taste of snorkeling. What’s more? You’ll find a fantastic restaurant nearby called Mango Reef Restaurant & Bar. There, you can actually bring your fresh catch (if you decide to go fishing in addition to snorkeling!) and they will cook it up for you. Note that Bight Reef is apart of the Princess Alexandra National Park and therefore a protected reef. 

Smith’s Reef

Smith’s Reef is bigger in size than Bight Reef and is made up of several distinct reefs systems and coral heads. While visitors can certainly walk along the beach from Grace Bay to Smith’s reef, it’s a long distance walk and not recommended. You should book your private snorkeling charter with us to get to this reef! Eagle rays are usually the highlight of a Smith’s reef visit. The most likely place to see these eagle rays are between the inner and outer reefs at Smith’s reef.

Split Rock | Pirates Cove

West Harbour Bluff (also known as either “Split Rock” or “Pirate’s Cove”) is a scenic area at the southwest point of Provo. Whatever you call it, you will be blown away by this stunning geological feature. For those brave enough, take a jump off the edge before you dunk into the crystal clear, warm water. Locals and tourists alike will also BBQ here and have picnics. The West Harbour Bluff area is part of the Frenchman’s Creek Nature Reserve. This region is great for bird watchers. You can often see Brown Pelicans, White Tailed Tropic Birds, Ospreys, and Green Herons. Pics of the huge Osprey’s nest at the tip of the split is a must! Maybe you’ll get lucky and see mama bird with her chicks.

Leeward Reef

Leeward Reef, located near Leeward Cut on the norther Provo barrier reef, is a popular boat excursion snorkeling site. It is located inside the protected area of Princess Alexandra National Park. Here, you can spot reef fish including yellowtail snappers, yellow goatfish, black durgons, nurse sharks, and even hawksbill turtles.

a flock of seagulls are swimming in the water 

Turtle Rock

Turtle Rock Cay is a small limestone rock that split and is narrowly divided into halves. Hidden in the nooks and crannies here you’ll see lobster, big channel crabs, fish, and stingrays. ‘

Mangrove Cay

While Mangrove Cay is mostly known for paddleboarding and kayaking eco tours, it’s still considered one of the best snorkeling spots in Turks and Caicos. This small wetland cay features tidal channels lined with red mangroves, which serve as nurseries for marine line. Here, you may spot fish, turtles, stingrays, conch, and starfish. 

Wiley Cut

This area is pretty remote, so you’d need dive boats traveling from Northwest Point and West Caicos to travel here. The reefs at Wiley Cut are colorful and vibrant. Exactly what you picture when you think of snorkeling. Fish here include wrasse, blue tangs, butterfly fish, damselfish, jacks, yellowtails, queen triggerfish, angelfish, nurse sharks, stingrays, and eagle rays.

Little Water Cay (Iguana Island)

Little Water Cay is most famous for the wild and endangered iguanas. Little Water Cay emerges from the crystal clear waters just outside Providenciales. Most travelers will book a half day tour that includes snorkeling in a nearby reef and visiting the iguana on Iguana Island. What’s more? Just on the north shore here, you’ll find an old shipwreck to explore!

Fort George Cay

Fort George Cay is a tiny scenic island found between Parrot Cay and Dellis Cay. This island is uninhabited and is popular for both locals and visitors alike. Cannons in the water mark the site where Fort Saint George once stood. Today canons from these defenses can be seen in the shallow water right off the beach. Archaeological digs and studies that have taken place on Fort George Cay have revealed some fascinating facts about the fort and the cay. Note that Fort George Cay is a protected historical site and a national park and it’s illegal to take or damage any artifacts.

We hope you enjoyed reading about our team’s recommended best snorkeling spots in Turks and Caicos. We can’t wait to welcome you out on the water so you can see for yourself!

What’s Included in Our Snorkeling & Fishing Charters:

  • Round-trip transportation at Grace Bay resorts (if option selected)
  • All fishing and snorkeling gear, bait 
  • Light snacks
  • Drinks (water, soda, light beer)
  • Catered lunch (for 3/4 or full day tours)

What to Bring on Our Snorkeling & Fishing Charters:

  • Personal swimsuit if you want to swim/jump in. There is a bathroom onboard where you can change
  • Reef-safe sun protection such as a hat or SPF lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Shirt/Swimsuit coverup
  • Towel
  • Gravol (if you have sensitivity to motion)
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