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It’s almost that time of year again, time for the TCI Wine Cellar Golf & Fishing Tournament (WCGFT)! Every year it takes place in March right here in Providenciales. As the name suggests, this event is sponsored by The Wine Cellar. Be sure to stop by when you’re on the island for all of your beer, rum, spirits, and wine needs! 

The Wine Cellar Golf & Fishing Tournament is a fun-filled, family oriented 3-day weekend event where 100% of proceeds are donated to youth-based charitable organizations. This 3-day whirlwind of an event is a ton of fun especially if you love golfing and/or fishing. Not only do our experienced captains, who you will meet on one of our private deep sea fishing, reef bottom fishing, and snorkeling charters participate. But we also invite up to 6 guests per year to join us for this exciting event. For those lucky guests joining us for the ride, we will throw in a few extra “perks” such as a free hat or T-shirt. Here is a typical lineup of what you can expect for this 3-day extravaganza.

Thursday (Calcutta)

The team typically kicks things off on a Thursday with the Calcutta and Captains’ Meeting (fishing portion). The pre-party and bidding on boats begin in the evening. This year it is at 5:30 PM at Simone’s Bar & Grill. This is your chance to eat and mingle with the rest of the participants. Enjoy island cuisine like conch salad, grilled fish sandwich, spicy tropical wrap, and veggie curry.

Friday & Saturday (Fishing)

Friday & Saturday are our favorite days of the wine cellar golf & fishing tournament because that is all for fishing! It’s our time to shine and do what we enjoy – FISHING! After the on-water shotgun start, the captains are free to fish anywhere in the Turks and Caicos territorial waters, using any method of rod and reel fishing. Out target species for the tournament are Wahoo, Mahi-mahi and any species of Tuna.

At the end of each day, all the boats meet back at Turtle Cove Marina for the weigh in and auctions. The weigh ins turn into pretty good parties too! There is music, bar, food and, best of all, the leader board. All the competitors will usually spend a good amount of time checking up on the others, strategizing and telling fish stories. Reminds me on the one that got away…

After two full days of fishing, you’ll see a fresh fish auction of the day’s catch and enjoy music and entertainment. While the venue may change in the future, this year the entertainment will be found at Blue Haven Marina.

Sunday (Golfing)

Rounding out the weekend is the golf tournament at Provo Golf Club, where 4 player teams vie for bragging rights and fantastic prizes as well as a silent auction. 

Last Year’s Winners

The WCGFT is a not-for-profit charity event hosted every year with all proceeds donated to charity. The last 11 tournaments have raised an incredible $381,000.00 to help various youth-oriented organizations. The 2022 fishing winner was record breaker captained by Chris Stubbs – 172 lbs of fish. 3 species allowed – Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and tuna. The 2022 golfing winner was Stewart, Mack, Todd, Pretorius – 132.80 (trophies, prizes, and gift certificate from the Wine Cellar). 


  • 1st place: $6,500
  • 2nd place: $3,500
  • 3rd place: $2,500
  • Largest Catch Day 1: $2,000
  • Largest Catch Day 2: $2,000
  • Largest Mahi Mahi (Annie Pinder Prize): $2,000
  • Largest Tuna: $2,000

20% of all winnings is donated to charity. Every category of the wine cellar golf & fishing tournament has an accompanying trophy. Every year, this event is a lot of fun and brings many fishers and golfers to our little paradise island. If you’re interested in joining us, please get in touch.

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