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What is Reef and Bottom Fishing?

If you landed on this blog post, you are likely looking for more information on what exactly reef and bottom fishing is and what it entails. Reef and bottom fishing involves lowering a weighted hook or lure to the bottom of the water column. Reefs support the entire fisheries food chain. A healthy reef ecosystem is typically buzzing with activity, vibrant colors and hosts a variety of species of fish and invertebrates of all sizes that make the reef their home. 

What makes reef and bottom fishing so fun is that you are almost always guaranteed to see some type of action. That’s why hiring our professional captain and team is the way to go, because we know the ideal locations of the reefs, what’s there, and what they will bite. All you have to do is sit back, set the hook, enjoy the ride, and have a sense of adventure! There are several ways you can catch fish off of reefs, including trolling lures over and around the reefs to bottom fishing, where you generally drop your bait directly down to the fish located in the reef. Groupers are a troller’s favorite as these fish can get large in size and they put up quite a fight. They like to hang out around the reefs and sometimes even sneakily grab bites of fish that our guests are trying to reel in themselves! 

Why is Turks and Caicos Ideal?

Home to some of the world’s largest coral reefs, Turks and Caicos is the perfect fishing location. Reef and bottom fishing generally has the widest appeal, requires no prior experience, and allows you to catch fish after only a few minutes of practice. Great for all ages! Reef and bottom fishing can be done from shore at a few locations on Providenciales, yet fishing by boat will offer a more elevated experience. 

Here in Provo, you may get a bite from something more unusual such as a lionfish, scorpionfish, or even a shark! Other times, you will see more popular fish like yellowtail snapper, red snapper, Nassau group, barracuda, and horse-eye jacks.a cake made to look like a boat

What do our private reef and bottom fishing charters offer?

“Green water” reef and bottom fishing in Turks and Caicos is a wonderful way to enjoy a day at sea for your friends and family group. After a 30-minute trip across our nature reserve and gorgeous turquoise shallows, we arrive at the inner reef where coral heads teem with all types and sizes of stunning fish. The coral heads are also paraded by other predators too, and it is common to hook a snapper only to see it snatched by a barracuda just fee from the boat; you are then into a whole new fish fight.

Outer reef fishing is perfect for our Shady Grady boat. The Shady Grady can accommodate 6 passengers plus her crew of two! For those new to reef and bottom fishing, this is a great way to experience the excitement of your first catch; the action is fast and frequent and almost every fish is a different species. Most are beautifully colored and offer a wonderful first-hand experience for the younger crowd to encounter the wonders of nature. If you are fishing for dinner, you won’t be disappointed. These waters are filled with snapper, grouper, yellowtail, cero, and numerous other panfish.

Depending on location, our private reef and bottom fishing charter takes place outside the reef trolling or at anchor inside of the barrier reef. It can also take place on numerous coral heads catching grouper, snapper, cero, barracuda, triggerfish, grunts, hogfish, and a myriad of other tropical fishing species. Please note we only use the Shady Grady boat for this type of fishing. Here is what’s included on our private charter:

  • All fishing gear and bait
  • Light snacks
  • Drinks (water, soda, and beer)
  • Applicable snorkeling and beach gear
  • Catered lunch available on 3/4 and full day charters (upgrade available)

We hope you found our blog post on reef and bottom fishing helpful! We look forward to welcoming you out on the waters in beautiful Turks and Caicos. Book your private fishing charter with us now!

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