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Key Takeaways:
· Turks and Caicos Islands offers vacation choices for every member of your family
– There are 21 restaurants to choose from
– The islands offer world-renowned beaches
– Fishing charters provide opportunities for big-game fishing
· Unique family-friendly activities include Flamingo Pond Overlook, Provo Ponies, and more
– Teen activities include an Xbox Play Lounge and Trench Town

Are you considering a destination vacation? Turks and Caicos Islands offer something for everyone! Choose from all-ages beaches to teen-friendly video game lounges, to deep sea fishing charters. This guide will give you background on the islands, activity choices, and much more.

About Turks and Caicos Islands

The Turks and Caicos Islands are tropical islands located in the Lucayan Archipelago of the Atlantic Ocean. The islands are part of the Bahamas chain of islands. Since 1973, the islands have been a British Overseas Territory. Known primarily for tourism, the islands boast several attractions to satisfy any vacationer.
There are about 45 islands in the Turks and Caicos network. There are 6 main aspects or parts to the islands.
The first is Providenciales, also called “Provo.” This area houses a line of luxury hotels just waiting to pamper you and your group. Grace Bay beach is where most resorts are.
The second is Grand Turk. This area is known for its casual attitude and is the cultural epicenter of the islands. The shores of Cockburn Town are important in history. Explorer Christopher Columbus first stepped foot on the Western Hemisphere on these shores. This is the island where the Cruise ships come to.

There is North and Middle Caicos, two islands joined by a causeway. These islands are more rugged, and are more vegetative. Small boutique hotels and hideaways are found here.
South Caicos is coming into its own with a new resort, called Sailrock, beautiful and rugged.
Finally is Salt Cay, where you can go diving near one of the biggest reef systems on the planet.

The climate is warm without being overbearing. During the summer season, temperatures rarely rise above 91 degrees Fahrenheit. They don’t fall below 64 degrees in the winter.

Easy to travel to and even easier to visit

Turks and Calicos Islands have several advantages over other vacation hot spots. The islands use U.S. currency, and its natives are English-speaking. The Islands’ hotels use standard 120-volt wall outlets. You can bring your laptop and cell phone chargers without any annoying conversion gizmos. As well, there are ATM’s located in various spots. All the resorts have fantastic Wifi. On Provo there are gourmet grocery stores and luxury jewellery shops.

And it’s easy to visit! By plane, the islands are just a little over an hour away from Miami, or about two and a half hours from New York.

 21 restaurants to satisfy your appetite

Vacations are all about great food! Turks and Caicos Islands offer a vast array of different kinds of dining options. The vast choices can be overwhelming to some first-timers. Restaurants in Turks and Caicos can be broken down into three basic types. You can choose:
– Authentic ‘Island Style’ cuisine: These dishes tend to have robust flavors and are on the spicy side. They are a great choice if you want to experience eating like a native in the Caribbean.

– Simple ‘Caribbean Casual’ dining: These offer the most options. You can choose sushi, burgers, steak and lobster, soups, wraps, and anything you can think of.
– Elegant formal dining: The fine dining options on the islands feature chefs from all over the world. When you’re in the mood for elegance, there’s no better way to spoil yourself.

Visit world-famous beaches

The Turks and Caicos Islands boast some of the most appealing and popular beaches in the world! While there are far too many beaches to list, here are some of the most desirable.

Grace Bay Beach, on the coast of Provo, tops many lists as the number one beach on the planet! But it’s not the only one.
Looking to escape the bustle of the crowd? Leeward Beach, located to the east of Grace Bay, doesn’t have any hotels. The result? Your visit will be quiet and relaxing. All without throngs of humanity spoiling your relaxation.

Explore Turks and Caicos beautiful waters

When you visit a tropical island paradise, doing something in the water is a must! The islands offer a variety of fun activities such as:
– Hotel pools
– Water sports
– Swim-up bars
– Charter fishing.
Local fishing charter companies offer several choices. Choose from deep sea fishing, reef or bottom fishing, and even fun snorkel parties! Ask your charter company guide about creating a customized trip to try all three options.

 A wide variety of fishing opportunities

What species of fish can you catch in Turks and Caicos waters? A better question might be what can’t you catch! Saltwater Sportsman and Florida Sports Fishing magazines has voted the Turks and Caicos waters “world’s best!”.

Some of the fish you can catch on a fishing charter include:
· Wahoo
· Mahi Mahi
· Sailfish
· Blue Marlin
· Barracuda
· Mackerel
· Tuna

Family-friendly activities

Tired of the usual amusement park rides? Want something different for your kids? Want to pull your kids away from their phones and tablets? Turks and Caicos Islands offer incredible activities your kids will love. Below are a few of the most unique and fun opportunities.

Provo Ponies: You and your family can experience the beach in the most unique way possible. In this horseback excursion, you ride in the water. And your house is partially submerged in the water! Don’t worry, you’re never too far from the beach!
Flamingo Pond Overlook: Witness thousands of beautiful West Indian flamingos. It’s a unique site and 100% free! After watching these unique birds, head over to the nearby Whitby Beach to relax.
Playland TCI: The first indoor play area in Provo! This playground will give the youngest adventurers in your group something fun to do. Colorful monkey bars, slides, and more give toddlers and young children lots of fun!

Fun activities for your teens and tweens

Teenagers are sometimes thought of as the most difficult group to please. Don’t worry, the Turks and Caicos Islands have you covered! The islands offer attractions teens will love. Here’s a couple to whet your appetite:
Trench Town: Air hockey. Shooting hoops. Playing games under black-lighting. Surround sound stereos. Big-screen TVs. This Provo space was created with teens in mind!
Xbox Play Lounge: Do your teens like playing video games? They will love this unique Beaches Turks and Caicos attraction!

Wrapping up

Come to the Turks and Caicos Islands for your vacation and have an experience like no other! You’ll find something for every member of your family from toddler to teen, to adult. There are restaurants and beaches for rest and relaxation. Fishing charters, diving snorkeling, and even video games to get your adrenaline going. Getting to the islands is fast and easy, so book your trip today!